David Velasquez  

GOD'S WORLD (Latest Album by David Velasquez)
1. In God's World                                   6. I've Never Passed This Way Before
     2. I Worship Thee                                   7. Mama' Last Amen
     3. God Speaks                                         8. I Will Praise You
     4. I'm Your Father                                   9. The Choice Is Mine
     5. Surround Me With Love                   10. Great Is The Lord
                                  11. There I've Said It Again


En Un Momento Asi By The Velasquez

1.  En Un Momento Asi                            6. Grande Es Tu Nombre

2.  Tocame Otra Vez                                  7.  Regresa A El

3.  Su Nombre Es Cristo                            8.  Cristo Quiero Amarte Mas

4.  He Peliado La Batalla                           9.  A Mi Padre Voy

5.  He Aqui El Cordero                            10.  Tu Amor Es Todo Para Mi

1. I'm Just A Pilgrim                              6. Mama's Last Amen
    2. Plan Of Salvation                               7. I'll Never Look Back
    3. Mother, I Love Her                            8. The God Kind Of Faith
    4. The Cowboy Song                             9. Under New Management
    5. Thank You Lord                               10. Come On Down
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